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B.C. Parents & Teachers for Life
2397 King George Boulevard
Box 45531 Sunnyside P.O.
Surrey, B.C.
Canada  V4A  9N3


executive[sign "at"]

We welcome your comments, and stand ready to help 
you when we can as you work for the welfare of the young.  

We permit and encourage the duplication and distribution for 
non-profit purposes of articles from this web-site.  Copyright 
for each article remains with the writer.  For use in 
commercial publications, please obtain written permission 
by reaching us by  mail, fax, phone, or e-mail.

Our BCPTL E-Mail  Bulletins are sent out free.   Just send us an e-mail, identify yourself as a pro-life, pro-family supporter, give your name and address for identification (anywhere in the world), and indicate which e-mail address  you wish the E-mail and Fax Bulletin sent to.  These are sent out normally once a month:  hopefully often enough to be informative, but not so often as to be a nuisance.


Membership is open to any resident or former resident of British Columbia  nineteen years of age or over who supports the purposes of British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life.

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Application for  Membership
(or Membership Renewal)
in British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life

(Please copy and print out this form, fill it in, and mail to:
2397 King George Hwy., Box 45531 Sunnyside P.O., Surrey, B.C.  V4A 9N3.)

I desire to join British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life, and agree with its purposes: to promote a positive attitude towards human life, to support the legitimate rights of parents as the prime educators of their children to determine the nature of their children's education, to seek to have schools supportive of universally applicable principles of morality, to seek to have teachers' organizations  refrain from the promotion of abortion and euthanasia, and  to promote freedom of conscience and justice for teachers in the public work-place.  I agree with the commitment of this organization to use only non-violent methods in the pursuit of its objectives, and likewise commit myself to use only non-violent methods in seeking to further its objectives.

Date: _______________   Name in full: ________________________________

Home phone: ____________   Box / Street Address: ______________________

E-mail address, if applicable: _________________________________________

City, Municipality, or Town: _______________________   Postal Code: ______

Circle:  new membership    or    renewal

Indicate membership fee ($10 per year) enclosed:  $ _____ for ____ year(s)

Enclosed gift to British Columbia Teachers for Life (if desired):  $ __________

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