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11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. . . .

    Hi Ted: I remember your comments when Heather Maahs still had her website going.

    I know you have many connections with family rights groups. I am drawing your attention to a three part comment I just made to Janet Steffenhagen’s site about Report Cards and the danger ahead because teachers are withholding them, illegally and immorally

    Please see and pass on the following if you see fit. Best wishes, Tunya Audain

  2. Hi, Tunya. Welcome to our revamped website. One of the new features is that it gives people a chance to submit comments on individual articles.

    I fear that in the negotiations with teachers, the rights of parents will ultimately be ignored. After all, we have a B.C. Teachers’ Federation that claims the right to indoctrinate children in violation of parental wishes, and a government that has ignored a letter from six organizations representing parental interests–a letter sent in June of 2010, over a year and a half ago requesting equitable treatment compared to that given the Correns (though asking that it be done by democratic means). (See: .)

  3. Why do so-called “family values” groups see nothing contradictory, in claiming to be pro-life Christians, and yet assaulting homosexuals and transgendered people, and not protecting them from those who wish to beat them to death? Or terrorize them to the point of suicide?

    Ever LGBT person who dies a violent death, is blood on your hands. Do you think Jesus would approve? Re-read Matthew 25:40 — “That which you do unto the least of my brothers, you do unto me.” By viciously vilifying and attacking TOTAL STRANGERS, just because they are different from you in some way, YOU ARE ATTACKING JESUS HIMSELF.

    • Russia bans propaganda
      This country has banned the LGBT propaganda because they feel (correctly) that children are vunerable and need protection from this type of ‘education’

      This website supports the parental right of ‘what’ and ‘when’ that their child(ren) will be exposed to. Most of the global population do accept and support that right.

      • Okay that’s cool now take a step back and think of this… I want the protection for all the children that you brainwash with all this religious garbage, I mean . . . I even found several children’s books about dinosaurs that were rewritten by Christians and full of nothing but lies! And not only that, you are even trying to push this into classrooms, I’m a strong believer that Christians in General need to pick up there bible in there own homes and not bring that hateful crap into society.

    • Stephen, I don’t know any of my fellow-pro-family co-workers who want to see homosexuals and “transgendered” people assaulted. What you say is not founded in fact.
      We in BCPTL want to see all students protected from bullying. We do not, however, want to see programs brought in under the guise of protecting students from bullying which propagandizes students in favour of behaviour that is contrary to the beliefs of parents who believe in traditional moral values.
      Disagreeing with someone’s actions is not attacking him or vilifying him.

  4. Stephen, I don’t think you are reading what pro-family and pro-family groups are saying, or rather you are reading your pre-conceived notions of what they are saying into their words. You will not find us assaulting those identifying as homosexuals or transgendered. In the case of British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life, for example, we are advocating for the protection from bullying of all students in schools. We do want all students to also be protected against in-school propaganda for unhealthy lifestyles. Those who spread such propaganda are guilty of harming students.

    • The questionnaire we suggested does not seem to have been used outside of Surrey School District. We had two candidates who responded in Surrey School District, and we have published their responses at .

      We have had a trusted advisor send us advice regrading several districts in the British Columbia Lower Mainland, and we have ;published that advice at the same spot.

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