Watch “‘Homophobe’ is a Slur” on Roadkill Radio

“Kari Simpson and Ron Gray discuss the official complaint filed with British Columbia’s Minister of Education, George Abbott, concerning the acceptance and use of hateful slurs by and in the public school system. Epithets such as ‘homophobe’ and ‘heterosexist’ are being used in official school documents and by teachers and members of the school board, often to demean a person’s cultural, moral or religious opinion.” Tune in to RoadKill Radio to take in the show.

One thought on “Watch “‘Homophobe’ is a Slur” on Roadkill Radio

  1. The BC Governments ,Liberal and N.D.P policies are responsible for normalizing homosexuality to Impressionable B.C schoolchildren. Why wouldn’t they resort to name-call the citizens who believe it is “a hate-crime” to brainwash innocent B.C. school children in B.C. Schools to accept homosexual behavior as a normal alternative lifestyle they can pursue? Recruiting websites have been also appearing on “Out In Schools” propaganda. If the voting citizens of B.C. organize politically to oust bad politicians who pass rotten Bills into Law in B.C. and elect a new B.C. Government with hand picked politicians to protect our economy and children, these evil impositions can be politically ended. When B.C. Governments,Teachers Federations and Unions push perversion on our impressionable young children, then what kind of citizens support them? Only political organization by our citizens can make for better B.C.

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