Ted Hewlett (1936-2015): A personal tribute

My father, Ted Hewlett, past president and one of the founding members of BC Parents and Teachers for Life, passed away last Thursday after a seven-month-long battle with cancer. A man of principle and faith, Dad cared deeply for his family, his profession, and the health of the society in which he lived, and was concerned by what he saw as our society’s abandonment of the Judaeo-Christian values on which it had been founded and by what he felt was the deterioration and, at times, the deliberate undermining of our freedom of belief, of conscience, and of speech. This led him to apply his gift for writing and his love of debate to the defense of a view of the world that saw life as a gift from God and that saw the education of the children who were themselves that gift of life as a right and a responsibility given by God, along with the gift of children, to the children’s parents.

My father was always a bit of an “early adopter” when it came to technology, long before the term “early adopter” even existed. From reel-to-reel tape recorders to slide projectors, from Super 8 movie cameras to VHS video-cameras, from electric typewriters to personal computers, Dad was never an expert but was always excited by the possibilities that new technologies opened up for us. So, when I introduced Dad to the wonderful world of self-publishing on the internet, it seemed a natural fit, and an appropriate way to thank him for introducing me to technology and computers. This website, bcptl.org, was established sometime around the year 2000 – a time-frame memorable to me because I used Microsoft’s then-new FrontPage 2000 web-publishing software to set it up. Dad stuck with FrontPage 2000 for years after Microsoft abandoned the program, until I finally convinced him in 2011 to upgrade to a WordPress-based website.

Dad’s dedication to the mission of the organization he helped set up can be seen in the simple statistic that, since the WordPress version of this site was set up, he averaged about five posts per week (one per work-day!). Obviously, given the controversial nature of the subject matter he posted or re-posted, not everyone on the internet agreed with everything he posted – and Dad was fine with that. He was always interested in discussion, and, while often disappointed in the level of discussion that the internet seemed to engender, he never lost faith in the internet’s potential as a medium for intellectual exchange and positive influence. It was not uncommon for him to eagerly relate to me exchanges he had had in bcptl.org’s comments section whenever a particularly heated or thought-provoking discussion ensued on the site.

Not that Dad and I were always in agreement ourselves (though we disagreed more on means than on ends), but, again, Dad was OK with disagreement as long as it was in the pursuit of the Truth. He would often remark that if two people were in complete agreement about everything, one of the two wasn’t thinking. He was an interlocuter from a nobler age, when one used rhetoric to persuade others of the Truth to the best of one’s ability – and assumed that one’s opponent was doing the same.

If you, gentle reader, as you peruse my father’s posts on this site and on others, believe the best of him and assume that he was pursuing what he believed was best for you, you will not be far wrong – nor will you be far from what he would have been doing for you.

Memory eternal.

Fr. Justin (Edward) Hewlett.

Note: A memorial service will be held for my father on Saturday, August 1st at 10:30pm at Cloverdale Baptist Church. All are welcome.

4 thoughts on “Ted Hewlett (1936-2015): A personal tribute

  1. Ted was a wonderful righteous friend,and we will all meet with our family there in New Jerusalem when our time comes.Our Contemporaries started every school morning in Canada and Western Civilization with The Lord’s Prayer led by our school teachers,and sex education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.The Ten Commandments where on Government House,Court House,and SchoolHouse walls,and in the majorities hearts and minds.Now schoolchildren traumatized by promiscuous sex education from Kindergarten have no-one to turn to,because evil has been legalized,and is taught as a so-called human right to malleable children in schools.Lord Jesus told us not to stop the children from coming to Him.Ted and our friends that have recently departed will be sorrowly missed.

  2. Secular Humanist Christianity is an oxymoron.The Catholic Secular Clergy and those of the Protestant cults know this. One cannot pretend to be a Christian in an edifice called church and be a secular pagan once he walks out.This is what passes for Christianity Today.In The New Testament the ones who behave like this are called pretenders,because that is what people like these really are. The homosexuals who are less than 2% of the people,who cannot naturally have children of their own, have politically united to have sodomy,promiscuous sex and homosexual marriage legalized,so they can use adult school teachers and homosexual etc.,activists to recruit your children in tax funded schools,as legalized so-called secular human rights. What else passes for health and sex education in schools today? Catholics and Protestant Cults,are you more than 2% of the voting public? Are you real Christians? What have you done to our former Christian Civilization in Government,Law and Education? If you can’t save your children from schools who indoctrinate them into the tenets of evil,how then can you unite to save Lord Christ’s Church? Praying without politically acting on prayer is like praying to Secular Humanists to stop perverting your children in schools with your tax money.

  3. Western Civilization embraced a “new” Religion of so-called “neutral” Secular Humanism as their State Sanctioned Religion-Worldview starting only in 1962 when the “white” academic,legal and political Secular Humanist elites convinced the so-called Christian people of Western Civilization that Christianity in Government,Law and Education is Unconstitutional.Since 1962 the so-called neutral Secular Elites have legalized no-fault divorce,abortion,sodomy,pornography,promiscuous sex and health education for school children taught by adult secular school teachers,abortion and homosexual etc.,activists and Lord Christ knows what else tomorrow.Before this “New” so-called “neutral” Secular Humanist Religion became State Sanctioned as Constitutional starting in 1962,school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex,The Ten Commandments were on Government edifices,Court and Education Establishments, and in the majorities hearts and minds.

    Seeing heaps of the dismembered heads,feet,hands,legs, and other parts of human babies bring all thoughts to the forefront of the inhuman,hellish brutality,and horror of the degeneracy of human nature which legalizes abortion etc,and then goes into schools to sear our children’s consciences by teaching them this is normal behavior, as health and sex education. Secular Humanist Western Democratic Civilization now indoctrinates people by legalizing evil and teaching it in school as secular human rights.When morals are taught in the classroom today,secular humanist teachers instruct their students, now that The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments are outlawed in American,European,and Canadian schools,that one’s ethics are relative and situational. They learn concepts of situation ethics or subjective morality, which teach that each student must make up his or her own mind about what is right and wrong.Then they traumatize and sear our children’s consciences with promiscuous sex education which normalizes abortion,homosexuality,promiscuous sex etc.This creates a society of psychologically disordered people who are taught to believe they are normal.The Secular Humanist Religion has parallels with the Islamic religion as they kill those they claim to be less human. Therefore we must politically unite to stop these atrocities, and the evil indoctrination of our children in Religious Secular Humanist Education Establishments,and get our Western Governments to pass righteous legislation.

    Islam also commands violence.SURA 9:5 ” Fight and slay infidels wherever you find them…” SURA 5:33 ” their punishment is execution…” SURA 9:3 ” An announcement from Allah and His Messenger to the people on the day of Great Pilgrimage,that Allah and His Messenger dissolve treaty obligations with the infidels.
    Arab and other Christians fleeing from Islamic countries for their lives ought to be allowed into Christian Countries,but there are no Christian Countries in Government,Law and Education.The West is Secular Humanist in Worldview-Religion and persecutes and marginalizes real Christians today. These are the consequences the Western people have brought on themselves by rejecting Lord Christ in Government,Law and Education. Remember Secular Humanist Church is an oxymoron,as is a Secular Humanist Christian Country.

  4. Today so-called “neutral” Secularism is indoctrinating our children,both boys and girls into it’s sexology, and values in schools starting with malleable Kindergarteners,using adult school teachers,Planned Parenthood and homosexual activists,as secular human rights.These are the new Canadian and Western Civilizations values that our soldiers fight for.When a civilization has few good values,then other evil worldviews-religions recruit our neutral secular youth to follow their values,such as imposing Jizya (infidel tax) and humiliating the ones who don’t convert listing many options including murder, or as they call it holy killing.I wonder what Canadian abortionists call killing innocent babies in mothers wombs?These are the ones Canadians give The Order Of Canada to.When a former Christian society in government,law and education changes it’s values to Neutral Secularism starting in 1962,then evil prospers,and indoctrinates Kindergartens into it’s so-called neutral secular sexology, and values.My contemporaries in Canada and Western Civilization started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by our school teachers.Today so-called “neutral” Seculars don’t understand that they are allowing evil into their homes, while pretending that their religion-worldview of secularism is healthy.

    Now Ted is gone,as is Professor Tom ,Dr.Walter,and Bud.This is no time for wimps.Kindergarteners traumatized by adult school teachers normalizing secular sexology in BC and Canadian schools need someone to help them,and it is not going to be people too afraid to mention the word Pro Life, or Lord Jesus Christ. Secular Christian is an oxymoron,as is Secular Christian society, Priest,Pastor or Teacher.Did Christians in Rome’s Colosseum convert to Paganism? It took Roman Emperor Constantine converting to Christianity about the year 307 to save Christians from murder and humiliation, by Government and Court decree.Why are you electing representatives that are normalizing pagan practices to school children, as so-called Secular human rights today? Let us pray without ceasing as we try politically to clean up our rotten democracy,by electing righteous representatives to rule us,and our children.Blessings.

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