‘Day of Pink’ [April 8th] teaches school kids to accept homosexuality, critic warns

April 7, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) — Children across Canada are being asked to wear a pink shirt to school tomorrow on the “Day of Pink” to “celebrate diversity” and end “bullying, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and transmisogyny.” While lauding efforts to end bullying in school, one critic is warning parents that the event is not actually about bullying.

“The Day of Pink is simply an excuse to promote homosexuality,” Gwen Landolt, national vice-president of Real Women of Canada, told LifeSiteNews.

School principals in some jurisdictions are telling parents through a letter sent home with their children that the Day of Pink, which happens annually on the second Wednesday in April, will include “discussions surrounding different types of families, identities, gender roles, homophobia and trans-phobia.”

To commemorate the day, classes will “engage in discussion about Day of Pink and what it represents,” one of the letters obtained by LifeSiteNews states. For grades K-3 the day includes “books and activities about different kinds of families, gender roles.” There is no description of the proposed “activities” or “books.” Adding to this list, grade 4-6 students will discuss “healthy relationships, stereotypes, discrimination (including homophobia, sexism).”

Alarmingly, the letter tells parents that conversations may go anywhere, and teachers are allowed to stray outside curriculum expectations.

“At times, conversations may go beyond what is specified in the curriculum when prompted by student questions. We don’t prevent such conversations, as some of the best learning comes from these teachable moments,” the letter states.

The letter attempts to assuage concern by assuring parents that “activities and discussions will be age-and-developmentally appropriate and led by professional and caring staff.”   . . . .

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One thought on “‘Day of Pink’ [April 8th] teaches school kids to accept homosexuality, critic warns

  1. Be careful what you legalize people,as The so-called Human Rights Act, normalizes this behavior as a legalized human right to everyone starting with Kindergarteners. Thus the edict,”what is legal is moral.” Homosexuals are less than 2% of the population who cannot naturally have children of their own to increase their numbers.Children are malleable and trusting;their brains are like blank canvasses awaiting the brushstrokes of their environment.They absorb any image school teachers, by our democratic secular governments authority place in front of them. Adult schoolteachers and their homosexual activist friends form clubs to recruit impressionable children into unhealthy behaviors,as so-called “neutral” Secular human rights. They argue that some Kindergarteners may be born homosexual naturally ,so therefore adult school teachers,and homosexual etc., activists will now nurture the others to accept homosexuality as normal behavior too.

    Now,when legalized so-called “neutral” Secular homosexual behaviors are expected to be embraced by all,but are formally objected to by others, the homosexual’s and “neutral” Seculars cry Homophobia. Any formal objection to this indoctrination of innocent schoolchildren is considered a hate crime. Name calling seems to be acceptable by them and so-called “neutral” Seculars, as so-called human rights and social justices.

    If the voting public keeps allowing this morbidity to be imposed on schoolchildren, as so-called human right , perhaps all will accept homosexual advances and comply. The word Homophobic has been legally accepted by Seculars to incriminate citizens for every homosexual’s desire. This is what The B.C.Government and The Secular Western World Governments are allowing , because of the political apathy and indifference of the voting public, who don’t hold their elected politicians accountable for the Bills they pass into B.C.,and Canadian Law anymore. Secularism is “not” neutral as it dishonestly claims to be, but imposes it’s morality as legalized human rights on everyone. The dishonesty of Multiculturalism – Political Correct Secularism, which claims that all views are equally true, beneficial and thus to be embraced by Government,Law and Education is corrupting our Civilization. So-called ‘Neutral” Secularism became the official State Sanctioned Western Worldview-Religion starting in 1962. Before this school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,and Sex Education was dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.

    Citizens, all rotten laws can be overturned by new Bills passed into law, by the politicians who you have elected to rule over you, and your Kindergarteners.In a democracy politicians have to be held accountable by the people who elect them,or they Pass Bills into Law which corrupt society through the Education Establishments.Political apathy has led Western Civilization here,but political vigilance can overturn this evil for good.

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