B.C. teachers’ strike boosted private school enrolment This year’s enrolment was almost 5 per cent higher than usual

CBC News Posted: Feb 12, 2015

Private schools across B.C. have seen a jump in enrolment since last year’s teacher’s strike.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender said he isn’t concerned that independent full-time student numbers have risen by 5,000, saying the private sector has always been the choice for some B.C. parents.

The strike lasted for three months, with schools closing early for the summer break, and reopening three weeks into the fall term in September last year.

Fassbender said now the strike was settled, he expected some students to return to public schools.

“I think anytime you have instability the public looks at what options may be available,” he said Thursday.

“Our job now, is to work very hard together to restore confidence that might have been lost.”

This year’s rise is considerably higher than usual, with numbers up almost seven per cent compared to the two per cent annual average.


With files from Richard Zussman

2 thoughts on “B.C. teachers’ strike boosted private school enrolment This year’s enrolment was almost 5 per cent higher than usual

  1. Peter Fassbender, the homosexualization of the entire BC School Curriculum by your Government,with two homosexual school teachers Murray Cook,Peter Warren called The Corren Agreement, because these two homosexual men changed their name to Corren has upset many parents.Many more BC liberal and BC new democratic party voters don’t believe that you and your governments are capable of doing such evil,and refuse to check this out for themselves.Less than 2% of the public claims to be homosexual who cannot have children of their own,and are now indoctrinating all BC schoolchildren normalizing morbid behavior, using adult school teachers,and homosexual activists with your help.Peter Fassbender my contemporaries started every school morning in BC and Western Civilization with The Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers,and The Ten Commandments were on Government,Court and School House Walls until the mid-1960′s,and in the majorities hearts and minds.Peter Fassbender why are you and your government corrupting the morals of all BC schoolchildren by normalizing morbid behavior?Children are malleable and trusting;their brains are not unlike blank canvasses awaiting the brushstrokes of their environment.They absorb any image those in authority place in front of them.No more excuses Peter Fassbender do political good instead of evil.

    • Canada,The USA,and Europe were Christian in Government,Law and Education until starting in 1962 Christianity was declared Unconstitutional,and Christless Secular Humanism Constitutional.School Teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments were on Government Establishments,and in the majorities hearts and minds,before Secularism became the new State sanctioned religion-worldview.We went through two world wars as Christian Civilization,but today Liberal lesbians are elected as representatives,and promiscuous sex education is normalized to school children using adult school teachers,abortion and homosexual activists ,as governmental so-called human rights,by elected Liberal Prime Ministers who call themselves Catholic. Christians your political apathy, indifference, complacency and that of your clergy has brought this evil into our once Christian democracies in Government,Law and Education..Today our school children are indoctrinated into the values, and governmental sexology of secular humanism, by adult school teachers,and elected representatives,as secular humanist Governmental human rights.Lord knows that in a democracy the laws of the land are a reflection of the majorities values,and today morbid values are normalized to innocent,malleable school children by adults who ought to know better.He also gave you a mandate not to prevent the children from coming to Him.The majority who call themselves Christians have failed this miserably.They have chosen poorly.Is this the morality that our so-called Christian Churches,Priests,MLA’s and Christian Universities,are teaching to students today? The harm you are doing to malleable schoolchildren is unforgivable.What makes you politicians do this in every Ministry that our Lord gives you the authority of leading? Secular Christian is an oxymoron.So is Secular Christian Pastor etc.

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