News and comment on the Whatcott decision

Saskatchewan (Human Rights Commission) v. Whatcott (Judgements of the Supreme Court of Canada)

Video and Analysis: Supreme Court upholds Canada’s hate speech laws  (Association for Reformed Political Action)

The power of hate: A legal primer on this week’s Supreme Court ruling against William Whatcott  (National Post)

Supreme Court upholds Canada’s hate speech laws in case involving anti-gay crusader  (National Post)

Andrew Coyne:  Supreme Court twists the Charter of Rights in its haste to limit free speech  (National Post)

Jonathan Kay: Try as it might, the Supreme Court can’t sugar-coat anti-Christian censorship (National Post)

Top court upholds key part of Sask. anti-hate law  (CBC)

Supreme Court muzzles free speech in Canada, rules against Catholic pro-family activist  (LifeSiteNews)

Rex Murphy: Choosing self-esteem over freedom of speech (National Post)

What Does the Supreme Court of Canada’s Decision Mean to You?
(by Don Hutchinson, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)

Canadian Supreme Court Ruling Has Implications for Christian Witness   (Joe Carter on the website of The Gospel Coalition)

Unworthy of Canada’s highest court  (Karen Selick in the Ottawa Citizen and on the website of the Canadian Constitution Foundation)

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