RCMP Lauch Investigation into Death of Bullied Teen

CTVNews.ca Staff                                      Published Friday, Oct. 12, 2012

The RCMP has launched an investigation into the suicide of a teenaged girl  who described the relentless bullying she was being subjected to in a video  posted online.

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[CTV story continued below:}

Police in British Columbia announced Friday that a full investigation is  underway to examine the circumstances surrounding Amanda Todd’s death. Todd's  body was found Wednesday in her Port Coquitlam home following an apparent  suicide.

The 15-year-old had reached out for help a few weeks earlier.

In a powerful video that has been viewed tens of thousands of times since it  was posted on YouTube last month, Todd shared her story about online bullying,  being attacked at school, and her resulting descent into self-harm, suicide  attempts, and depression.

The RCMP said investigators will be conducting interviews, scouring social  media and reviewing contributing factors into Todd’s death. Police have also set  up a designated email account for the public to email tips regarding the  case.

Investigators have already said that bullying could have played a role in  the teen’s death.

On Friday the B.C. coroner's office said a preliminary investigation  confirms that Todd’s death was likely due to suicide.

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One thought on “RCMP Lauch Investigation into Death of Bullied Teen

  1. Bullying is wrong in a Christian country where school teachers start every morning by leading their students in The Lord’s Prayer.Where The Ten Commandments are on Government,Court,and Schoolroom walls,and in the majorities hearts and minds.Where sex education is dating,courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.Today Western Civilization is not Christian in Government,Law and Education,and our youth are traumatized by governmental secular humanist sexology taught in schools as sex and health education.These traumatized students by secular humanist sexology who are taught this politically correct ideology in schools, as so-called human rights,by adult school teachers and special interest homosexual and abortion groups have nowhere ,or no-one to turn to today. The same political,academic and legal elites who embrace secular humanist sexology are the very ones who created this problem in the first place,but make excuses they are not responsible. Secular humanist governmental ideology cannot solve child exploitation,by adults or even other children.Before Secular Humanism became The State sanctioned religion-worldview of Western Civilization in the mid 1960′s school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,The Ten Commandments were on Government,Court and Schoolhouse Walls and in the majorities hearts and minds.Sex education was dating courtship and waiting for sex in faithful marriage to one of the opposite sex.Evil prospers when people chose to sanction it as their new worldview-religion in government,law and education.

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