B.C. lawyers vote down Christian law school in referendum

 Andrew Weichel, Digital Reporter and Editor, CTV Vancouver

 October 30, 2014

. . . . The province’s law society held a referendum this month on whether to recognize graduates from the Langley evangelical Christian school’s long-planned law faculty, which is set to open in 2016.

Members voted 5,951 to 2,088 against TWU. Continue reading

Obama is breaking U.S. law by supporting China’s One Child Policy

Under the Obama Administration, the United States is breaking its own law by giving taxpayer money to the United Nations Population Fund, which supports the One-Child Policy. It is also failing to implement immigration and visa bans for those who have been complicit in forced abortions and sterilizations.  [BCPTL boldfacing]

China’s One-Child policy, announced in 1979, is state-sponsored violence against women and children. The Nuremberg Nazi war crimes tribunal properly construed forced abortion as a crime against humanity. Nothing in human history compares to the magnitude of China’s thirty-five-year assault on women and children.

Hundreds of millions of lives have been exterminated. Continue reading

A Position Paper of British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life on Surrey School District “Regulation 9410.2

A Position Paper of British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life on Surrey School District “Regulation 9410.2 on Sexual Orientation and Gender  Identity”

This position paper is presented to the Board of School Trustees of School District Number 36 in British Columbia in support of a petition regarding “Regulation 9410.2: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.” 1 Respectfully acknowledging the very important role given to school trustees by the province of British Columbia, we ask that Surrey School Board consider this position paper with a willingness to consider the points made, even though they embody criticism of the actions of the Board. Continue reading

Pro-Family Group Asks Surrey Board to Rescind Regulation and Initiate Discussion [BCPTL News Release]

       British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life

 Box 45531 Sunnyside Post Office, 2397 King George Boulevard,
Surrey, B. C., Canada  V4A 9N3
Phone (voice & fax):  (604) 512-9594
Web site:  www.bcptl.org
E-mail:  bcpt4life@gmail.com

News Release (October 17, 2014) Continue reading

Transgender school trustee candidate hopes for a first in Surrey

Vancouver Sun,

SURREY — “I would always have my masculinity questioned because I wasn’t living up to standard.”

Those are the words of Newton resident Nicole Joliet, who hopes to win a seat on the Surrey school board as the first transgender trustee. Continue reading

Independent Christian School Threatened by Government over Lack of Imams in Classroom [U.K.]


Breitbart, by OLIVER LANE 20 Oct 2014
New rules intended to encourage “British Values” are being used to threaten a Christian school with closure because they have not invited an Imam to address the school assembly, reports a charity helping to defend them from the Department for Education. Continue reading

Sermons are ‘fair game’ in Houston – the real warning in the subpoena scandal

From republished article in LifeSiteNews.com  Oct 21, 2014

The scandal over the subpoenas issued to several Houston-area Christian pastors continues, even after the city refiled legal documents, removing the word “sermons” from the demand. They have clearly not removed the scandal from their city, and from the administration of Mayor Annise Parker. As the mayor’s own comments make abundantly clear, she stands at the center of the scandal. Continue reading

Stop teaching sex education in schools, MP says [U.K.]

ITV report, 21 Oct, 2014

Stop teaching sex education in schools, MP says

Sex education should not be taught in schools, a Conservative MP has argued.

Philip Davies made the argument in the House of Commons today.

Philip Davies made the argument in the House of Commons today. Credit: ITV News

Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, said the classes had failed and instead parents should be responsible for teaching their children about sex and relationships. Continue reading