Opinion: Private schools are not subsidized


“The construction of narratives,” the late Neil Postman wrote, “is a major business of our species.” The New York cultural critic, writing in a 2000 book, mused about how difficult it was to move people from myths to facts.

Skip ahead to the 21st century, and a myth that needs an empirical reality check: Taxpayers subsidize private schools. Continue reading

Justin Trudeau says abortion rights trump MPs’ freedom to vote their conscience

Won’t brush aside reproductive rights to defend MPs freedom of speech

CBC News Posted: Sep 14, 2014

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has said that any Liberal MP, regardless of their personal beliefs, would have to vote against any proposed legislation that could limit a women’s right to an abortion.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has said that any Liberal MP, regardless of their personal beliefs, would have to vote against any proposed legislation that could limit a women’s right to an abortion. (Jason Franson/Canadian Press) Continue reading

New Brunswick lawyers vote to ban Christian law school’s graduates

[  by Thaddaeus Balinsky, from LifeSiteNews.com ]

The New Brunswick Law Society voted Saturday to ban graduates of the new Trinity Western University law school from practicing in the province.

At a special meeting, the society’s members passed a resolution by a vote of 137 to 30. Continue reading

Corbella: Albertans’ anti-Christian bigotry is shocking

Corbella: Albertans’ anti-Christian bigotry is shocking

Licia Corbella

The most shocking thing about Alberta Premier Jim Prentice’s new cabinet isn’t that he has chosen two unelected cabinet ministers, though that’s generating a lot of buzz to be sure.

What’s really alarming, however, is the open, anti-Christian bigotry attacking one of those unelected ministers — Gordon Dirks — who is Alberta’s new minister of education. Continue reading

The revolution of the family: the Marxist roots of ‘homosexualism’

Fri. Aug. 23, 2013. Hilary White in  LifeSiteNews

August 23, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – I have been asked recently “what is homosexualism?” I started using the term in my writing on these issues a few years ago when it became clear that we were dealing not with a group of people, but with a particular ideology that is often held by people who are not themselves homosexuals. Continue reading

Project aiming to push ‘LGBTQ2S’ picture books into pre-K classes meets funding goal

By Matthew Lau, LifeSiteNews, Sept. 4, 2014

An online fundraising project to publish new LGBTQ2S picture books for children aged 4-8, with the hope of having the books picked up by schools, has recently met its fundraising target.  693 backers pledged a combined $56,793 to the project, called the “Flamingo Rampant Book Club.”  The fundraising goal was $49,000.

The books will “celebrate a great and wide variety of LGBTQ2S kids, families, and communities,” according to the description of the project.  The books will also “celebrate gender-independent kids and adults.”


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Who Should Speak for the Students in B.C.’s School Dispute?


[an editorial published in the E-Mail Bulletin (for August, 23014) of British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life]

Disappointingly, the students in British Columbia’s public (government) schools are beginning September without being able to start their year’s education on time and without any guarantee of when schools will be back in session.  These students are the victims of the labour dispute which the provincial government and the BC Teachers’ Federation are engaged in.

Who is speaking out on behalf of the students?

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B.C. mediator walks away, dashing hopes of end to teachers’ strike

Ready is widely regarded as one of Canada’s top labour troubleshooters. His departure means school year B.C. won’t start on time.

By: The Canadian Press,  Aug 31 2014

RICHMOND, B.C.—Veteran mediator Vince Ready has walked away from talks between British Columbia teachers and their employer, smothering parents’ hopes the school year will start on time. Continue reading