Proposal to keep students’ gender identities confidential worries some parents


Transgender policy in Vancouver schools sparks heated debate

Chang . . . expressed concern that the policy makes no provision for students who may identify as transgender at early ages, but in fact are not. Continue reading

“This surgery is absolutely destructive” — sad message from former transgender to warn others

[This was posted on their site several years ago by MassResistance.  It seems highly relevant today]

What the activists don’t tell you . . .

Tragic story.Walt Heyer: At left as himself. At right as Laura Jensen.

POSTED: June 16, 2011

The Transgender Bill hearing included a lot of well-rehearsed stories of discrimination and anguish by transgender activists because they’re not accepted by society. Thus, they say, a law is needed to force that. (See our analysis of the Transgender Bill H502.)

But there’s another, much darker side to that story that doesn’t get out: The fraudulent and destructive nature of the transgender movement and the harm it does to vulnerable people.

But MassResistance was at the hearing to tell that side of it. As we mentioned in our last email, we were submitting testimony from the daughter of a man who “became” a woman, and testimony from a happily recovered transgender female.

We were also contacted by a Walt Heyer, a man whose surgery to “change” him into a female has had horrific long-term effects for him.

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[U.S.] School District Apologizes for Showing Same-Sex Marriage Propaganda Video

CitizenLink, May 27, 2014

School District Apologizes for Showing Same-Sex Marriage Propaganda Video

by Bethany Monk

A Wisconsin school district apologized for showing a one-sided video promoting same-sex marriage. The video also attacked Christian beliefs, according to a legal group. Continue reading

Quebec government reintroduces euthanasia bill

A message from Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition:

This morning the Québec government re-introduced its euthanasia bill in the identical form as Bill 52 before the Québec election. The Québec Premier forced the Liberal members to support the introduction of the euthanasia bill. Since there was no opposition to the re-introduction of the bill, it has returned to the stage it was at before the election (second reading stage). Continue reading

‘I can’t bear to think of her not existing’

From MailOnline, May 22, 2014

‘I can’t bear to think of her not existing’: The baby who survived an abortion and the mother racked by guilt that she may have harmed the child she now adores

  • Shannon Skinner, 20, and 24-year-old partner Anthony Hunt’s story caused media storm earlier this year
  • Couple are showing off Amelia to the world for the first time
  • May take years before doctors can say if abortion drugs Shannon was given to end pregnancy have caused any developmental damage
  • She accidentally fell pregnant when her contraception failed just 4 months after traumatic birth of first daughter

By  HELEN WEATHERS      PUBLISHED: 21:34 GMT, 22 May 2014 


‘Why we still need gay-straight groups’ –teacher

[The following article gives the viewpoint of pro-homosexuality activists but also
quotes an MLA who was apparently one of the very few who  voted against part of a British Columbia  bill that will allow people to change their gender on their birth certificates. ]

Narisa Windover, Brad Kostachuk, Alex Hyde, Heba Abdulmalik and Jessica Pickering are members of the Fruit Salad club - a Gay-Straight Alliance group at Thomas Haney secondary. They are dressed in accessories from the club’s flair box.  - The News/Files

. . . . members of the Fruit Salad club – a Gay-Straight Alliance group at Thomas Haney secondary. They are dressed in accessories from the club’s flair box.

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Jackson Doughart: There is no constitutional right to abortion-on-demand

 | May 2, 2014The Morgentaler ruling only struck down the established and specific abortion law which required women to apply to a therapeutic abortion committee for any termination, including ones that would alleviate an immediate threat to the mother’s health such as ectopic pregnancy. As well, some regions of the country were not equipped with such committees, meaning that women who needed a therapeutic abortion but could not access a committee-equipped hospital had to choose between breaking the law and preserving their own health. It was this measure, and this measure alone, that the Court struck down when it ruled in the Morgentaler case. It did not decree that any law restricting abortion amounted to a violation of the Charter right to security of the person, which is the thrust of the pro-abortionists’ present argument.[Read the whole article online here or here.]