Calgary woman who threw newborns in garbage sentenced to 18 more months




A woman who tossed three of her newborns into the garbage has been given 18 more months in jail and faces three years of probation.

Meredith Borowiec, 32, gave birth in 2008 and 2009, but the babies’ bodies have never been found. A third child born in 2010 survived when the baby’s father unknowingly helped pull the infant out of a neighbourhood trash bin in Calgary after a passerby heard cries. Continue reading

Advocates March for Most Basic Right to Life [March for Life in Washington, D.C.]

CitizenLink, January 22, 2014


by Bethany Monk

Molly Ann Dutton’s birth mother was a young, married woman in California. She was also a victim of sexual assault. The young woman was faced with an ultimatum: Abort the child or suffer through divorce.

“But that’s when her journey took her down south to Birmingham,” Dutton told the many thousands who braved D.C.’s wintry weather today for the 41st annual March for Life event. “She walked in for counseling and walked out ready to give me up for adoption, and through that decision, here I am standing before you 22 years later.” Continue reading

[U.K.-- opinion "Left-wing thinking still prevails in schools"]

The educational elite is indoctrinating the young and – Education Secretary Michael Gove must be allowed to change it

By Jago Pearson in The Telegraph


 Michael Gove is right. My time studying History at school and university was dominated by Left-wing thinking.

Consciously or subconsciously, the educational elite indoctrinates a generation of young people. Continue reading

Judge strikes down Oklahoma ban on gay marriage, but puts ruling on hold during appeals

By Justin Juozapavicius, The Associated Press
January 15, 2014,   from

TULSA, Okla. – For the second time in a month, a federal judge has set aside a deeply conservative state’s limits on same-sex marriage, this time in Oklahoma.

U.S. District Judge Terence Kern on Tuesday struck down Oklahoma’s voter-approved ban, but headed off any rush to the altar by putting the effects of his ruling on hold while state and local officials complete an appeal. Continue reading

Gov. Christie Blocking More than Bridges – Ban on Change Therapy Heads to Appeals Court

January 13, 2014   Liberty Counsel Alert:

Liberty Counsel filed its Opening Brief at the federal court of appeals against the New Jersey ban on change therapy. A3371, signed by Governor Chris Christie, prohibits licensed counselors from providing, and minors from receiving, any counsel to change or reduce unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or identity. Continue reading

Judge orders Catholic school board to face tribunal over firing of transgender teacher

by Peter Baklinski in LifeSiteNews, Jan 13, 2014

EDMONTON, Alberta, January 13, 2014 ( – An Alberta judge has ruled that a Catholic school board face a hearing at the province’s human rights tribunal over its decision to remove a transgender activist from its list of substitute teachers. Continue reading

[Scotland] Education expert hits out at right to choose school

Andrew Denholm

Education Correspondent,  The Herald, Scotland


THE automatic right of Scottish parents to choose a school for their children that is not their local one should be scrapped, a leading academic has said.
CHOICES: College lecturer Julie Wales, with daughters Orlaith, Xanthe, and Lorelei, needs to use placing requests for a Glasgow south-side school to be able to continue with her job.

CHOICES: College lecturer Julie Wales, with daughters Orlaith, Xanthe, and Lorelei, needs to use placing requests for a Glasgow south-side school to be able to continue with her job.

Top doc. admits he deliberately flouts Belgium’s euthanasia laws…police turn blind eye

by Michael Cook

January 5, 2014 (MercatorNet) – What was it Winston Churchill said about Russia: “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”? With respect to social policy, much the same applies to Belgium. Supporters of euthanasia there just roll their eyes in exasperation when critics in the English-speaking world thunder about slippery slopes or violations of human dignity. Continue reading