Motion Introduced Condemning Sex-Selection Abortions

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September 27, 2012Surrey, BC – On the heels of a historic vote in the House of Commons on whether a study should be conducted into the definition of a human being, Conservative MP Mark Warawa has introduced a motion calling on Parliament to condemn sex-selective abortions.
[A press release regarding Warawa's motion is to be found following this "We Need a Law" release.]

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Motion to study when life begins defeated in Parliament

MPs vote 203-91 against motion brought forward by Conservative Stephen Woodworth

By Laura Payton, CBC News  Sept. 26, 2012

A motion to study the Criminal Code’s definition of when human life begins was defeated in the House of Commons Wednesday night.

Members of Parliament voted 203 to 91 against Motion 312, sponsored by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth.  [Eight members of Harper's cabinet and three Liberal members voted for the motion.]

Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth brought forward the motion to order a study on when human life begins.Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth brought forward the motion to order a study on when human life begins. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press) Continue reading

Patrick Webb Pro-Life Essay and Video Competitions–Deadline December 15, 2012

We are happy to pass on information about two Patrick Webb pro-life competitions.  Competition A is open to Grade 11 or 12 B.C. secondary school students.  Students can enter either an essay or a video.
Competition B  –an essay competition–  is for Grade 9 or 10 British Columbia students.  There is a choice between two essay topics.
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Who’s afraid of science?

September 24, 2012 | 8:05 am | By Suzana Kovacic in The Peak

Point: Do the latest scientific findings have libbers thinking Conservative thoughts?
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By Suzana Kovacic

In a press release in early June, Kennedy Stewart, member of parliament for Burnaby-Douglas and NDP critic for science and technology, made the following statement: “A government that truly respects accountability should not be afraid of dissenting views and should not try to silence evidence brought forward by Canadian scientists.” The press release further reminded Canadians that “without a comprehensive understanding of scientific evidence, major environmental, social and economic decisions will be made based on ideology instead of fact.”

Stephen Woodworth, conservative MP for Kitchener Centre, has heard the challenge, and put forward a motion to seek scientific evidence to inform Parliament. One would assume that the more progressive parliamentarians across the political spectrum would support the motion. Certainly, scientists and other academics across Canada would applaud this effort. Instead, Mr. Woodworth’s motion is being vilified and attacked by otherwise scientifically open-minded Canadians. Why? Continue reading