The ABC’s of Motion M-312 – Abortion, Bioethics & the Canadian Medical Association

THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 2012  By Don Hutchinson [From "Activate CFPL"]


Let’s not debate abortion just now. I won’t deny that both the EFC and I are unabashedly pro-life. Such a denial would be foolish because that position is both well stated and well documented. But let’s not debate abortion or euthanasia or assisted suicide or any of those other pro-life issues just now. Let’s consider Motion M-312 as introduced by Kitchener Centre MP Stephen Woodworth: Continue reading

NEA Priorities: Sex Selection Abortion, “LGBTQ” Behavior, ObamaCare, “Homophobia”

[There seems to be a remarkable similarity to some of the views of the British Columbia Teachers' Federation.]

by Mission America staff
Looking at the 2012 Representative Assembly of the nation’s largest teachers’ organization, the National Education Association, here’s a quick summary of the union’s priorities –or not. They refuse to consider some issues important, even life and death matters, yet take a look at what they focus on instead as important issues in “education” and what their millions of dollars of teachers’ dues will be used to support: Continue reading

Obama Mocks Akin, Says Akin Missed Science Class

by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS  NEW YORK August 22, 2012, 11:28 pm ET

NEW YORK (AP) — President Barack Obama is mocking Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri for his remarks about a woman’s body being able to avoid pregnancy during what Akin called a “legitimate rape.”

[ Your BCPTL editor's response:  I guess Obama missed some pretty basic science classes.  His voting record on partial-birth abortion suggests that he does not know that a baby in the process of emerging from the womb is a human being.] Continue reading

Pro-life MP Woodworth blasts Canadian physicians’ ‘babies not human until birth’ vote

by Peter Baklinski   Aug 20, 2012

. . .MP Steven Woodworth . . . said that CMA’s resolution was “based solely upon an ideological and political desire to prevent reconsideration of CMA’s existing position on abortion, rather than upon up-to-date 21st century medical evidence.” Continue reading