EFC Files Religious Freedom Arguments in Rasouli Case at Supreme Court

For immediate release from The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

July 30, 2012

OTTAWA– Late last week, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada filed its written arguments with the Supreme Court of Canada in the Cuthbertson v. Rasouli case. The case before the court is about an Ontario man, lying in a coma due to complications after minor brain surgery. Machines are required to keep him alive. The doctors in charge of this man’s care determined the time had come to remove him from the medical equipment that is keeping him alive. The family disagrees.

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Canadian Roman Catholic Bishops’ Document seeks to Rescue Youth from “Gay Culture”

[B.C. Parents and Teachers for Life is not affiliated with any religious organization. However, when faith groups publish documents relevant to the general social questions we are involved with addressing, we feel it is relevant to call attention to those documents, such as the one published in 2011 and referred to in the following article.] Continue reading

“Grooming Kids in a Gay Identity”

Grooming Kids in a “Gay” Identity

 . . . The activists pushing this give many unchallenged messages to these kids, both in schools and outside, that they not only may, but they have a right to “choose” a same-sex partner of any age. With no fear of pregnancy, this faux “consent” offer can be extended to younger and younger kids. . . . Continue reading