Liberty Counsel Asks Court to Dismiss International Lawsuit Against U.S. Pastor

June 27, 2012

Liberty Counsel has filed a 109-page motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Sexual Minorities Uganda (“SMUG”) against Rev. Scott Lively, a United States citizen, in a United States district court. In the suit, SMUG alleges that Rev. Lively committed “crimes against humanity” in violation of “international law,” simply by sharing his Biblical views on homosexuality during a 2009 visit to Uganda. Continue reading

Whom should we obey: God or mankind?

by Rev. Eric Strachan   June 26, 2012

‘My kingdom is not of this world.’ – JESUS CHRIST

If the Church of Jesus Christ is living out its corporate life in society authentically as the Church, then at some junction its beliefs and practices will bring it into direct conflict with the secular culture in which it finds itself. At some point, as the Church lives out its life in any society, it will inevitably clash with the dictates of the State. Whenever that occurs, and it will surely occur, the Church, its leadership and its adherents have two options, either capitulate to what is being forced on it by secular government and compromise its beliefs, or relentlessly stand its ground, stay true to the historic truths of Christianity, and face the consequences. Continue reading

Please send your MP a letter regarding the BC Supreme Court ruling enabling assisted suicide.

Good news!  Since the post below was written, the federal
 government has decided to appeal the B.C. Supreme
Court decision on assisted suicided.  Thanks to all those
who wrote to their Members of Parliament.


You can use the handy Easy-Mail feature on the ARPA website to send a letter to your Member of Parliament regarding the recent British Columbia Supreme Court decision overturning the ban on assisted suicide.  You will probably find it best to compose your letter ahead of time in a document, then copy and paste it into a blank box (one of the options provided on the ARPA site.)  Here is a sample letter which you may wish to modify and send: Continue reading

John Hof: A Life of Sacrifice

by Jonathon Van Maren  [article from the website of CCBR]

Several years ago while studying at Simon Fraser University, I had the privilege of meeting a man who is well known to virtually every pro-lifer in British Columbia and beyond. He is someone I look up to. He is someone who inspires me to be a more dedicated pro-lifer. He is John Hof, the president of Campaign Life Coalition BC.

File 1303

Continue reading

15 federal Conservatives who helped Canadian ‘transsexual’ bill pass 2nd reading

BY PETER BAKLINSKI    Jun 14, 2012

OTTAWA, Ontario, June 14, 2012 ( – A small number of Conservatives were responsible last week for a swing in the vote that helped a private member’s bill pass its second reading that aims at giving what its sponsor calls “specific protections” to “transsexual and transgendered Canadians”. Continue reading