China dissident Chen Guangcheng ‘in US embassy’

Chen Guangcheng and Hu Jia appear together in photo released by Mr Hu's wife Zeng Jinyan on social network site Twitter
Chen Guangcheng and Hu Jia appear together in a photo released by Mr Hu’s wife Zeng Jinyan
[See the video at the end of this article.  See also "China's Voices of Dissent" -- BBC article online.]
A self-schooled legal activist, Mr Chen is known for revealing rights abuses under China’s one-child policy and has accused officials in Shandong province of forcing 7,000 women into abortions or sterilisations. Continue reading

‘Angry Queers’ smash church windows in Portland

by Ben Johnson

  • Thu Apr 26, 2012
 PORTLAND, OREGON, April 26, 2012, ( – A homosexual activist group calling itself “Angry Queers” claimed responsibility for smashing nine windows in a church known for teaching traditional sexual morality early Tuesday morning. Continue reading

Canadian Federal Agencies Supporting “Out in Schools”

A Canadian National Film Board blog informs us that a film contest presented by “Out in Schools” that uses student films “ to engage young people on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning (LGBTQ) issues” is supported by two federal agencies: the National Film Board itself and “Heritage Canada.”

We are indebted to Roadkill Radio for alerting us to this connection, which you may check out for yourself at the National Film Board blog in question. Continue reading