White House says it won’t budge on HHS mandate

by Kathleen Gilbert

  • Fri Mar 16, 2012WASHINGTON, March 16, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Obama administration has reiterated that it will not revisit its plan to force religious employers to cover abortifacient drugs, birth control and sterilizations, even as U.S. bishops say the rule will directly cause hundreds of Catholic hospitals to shut their doors. Continue reading

Campaign Life Coalition Urges Ontario Citizens to Contact MPPs Re Bill 13

Campaign Life Coalition in an e-mail of March 15, 2012, writes:
“. . .As you may know, pro-family and religious leaders have been working to stop Dalton McGuinty’s Bill 13. While posing as an anti-bullying bill, this radical piece of legislation will sexualize school curriculum. Continue reading