Maurice Vellacott’s Exposé of CTV’s So-called “Investigation” of Crisis Pregnancy Centres

“A Member of Parliament and founding board member of a crisis pregnancy centre in Saskatoon is concerned that CTV‘s ‘investigative reporting’  on crisis pregnancy centres in BC may be in violation of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Code of Ethics, to the ultimate detriment of vulnerable pregnant women.”  Continue reading

BC court dismisses appeal by pro-lifers convicted of violating abortion ‘bubble zone’

[The case of Cecilia von Dehn and Don Spratt]

By Thaddeus Baklinski, Mon Jan 23, 2012
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, January 23, 2012 ( – An appeal to the British Columbia Supreme Court launched by two pro-life activists convicted last June of violating the province’s infamous “bubble zone” law, was dismissed on December 20th by Madam Justice Fisher. Continue reading

Abortion is as American as Apple Pie” — The Culture of Death Finds a Voice

Friday, January 20, 2012 in
["Rarely do we see abortion defended in such unvarnished terms — “a decision so vital it was worth stopping that heart.” Merle Hoffman goes on to explain how she can speak of abortion so directly. She has, she tells us, no conception that life is sacred. "] Continue reading

Parents peeved over cards supporting gay youth [pro-homosexuality agenda]

[The support card said, "As an Ally, I envision a society that embraces, values and celebrates diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions."]

First posted: Thursday, January 26, 2012
ALTONA, Man. — A group of parents are demanding two Grade 5 teachers remove cards displayed in their classrooms pledging support for gay and lesbian youth.

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A Message to Pro-Choice Advocates: Women are not fragile flowers. We can handle the truth about abortion.

By Faye Sonier

A message to those claiming to be the voice of pro-choice advocates: Wake up. Canadian women are intelligent, bright and sensible. We do not need you to protect us from the realities of abortion or shield us from the potential risks associated with undergoing the “medical procedure.”

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