Toronto schools will not ‘condone’ exemptions from pro-homosexual classes: board chair

by Patrick B. Craine
Tue Nov 29, 2011
TORONTO, Ontario, November 29, 2011 ( – The chair of the Toronto District School Board has confirmed their policy of forbidding exemptions from the board’s radical pro-homosexual curriculum, insisting to LifeSiteNews that any attempts by parents “would not be condoned” in their schools. Continue reading

Evangelical, Jewish leaders unite against Obama birth control mandate

by Kathleen Gilbert, Fri Dec 23, 2011

WASHINGTON, December 23, 2011 ( – Over sixty leaders of faith-based organizations or who work with faith-based organizations wrote a public letter the Obama administration protesting the very narrow exemption to the health insurance contraceptives mandate. The letter also asked that the administration not adopt in its place a different definition of “religious employer” for the exemption, suggested by some groups, that would still leave out many faith-based organizations. Continue reading

Tory MP fuels abortion debate with call to revisit rights-of-unborn law

OTTAWA— Globe and Mail Update
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An Ontario Conservative MP says Parliament must take another look at whether unborn babies deserve to be treated as human beings, a move that could ultimately challenge the ability to terminate pregnancies with abortion. Continue reading