Bullying and Bribes: Pink “Poverty” Forces School Propaganda



Minnesota parents are fighting again to keep homosexual activists from further takeover of the state’s schools. Yet another pro-homosexual “anti-bullying” bill is being debated in the MN state legislature with the innocence of children as the prize. Continue reading

Bill 18 Mandating GSAs Under Fire in Manitoba

CBC: “Anti-bullying bill like ‘persecution’ in Steinbach”

City council passes motion asking Manitoba government to review Bill 18

CBC News    Mar 7, 2013

The city of Steinbach, Man., wants the Manitoba government to make changes to its proposed anti-bullying bill. Continue reading

Another Teen Death Demands We Work to Stop All Bullying

A BCPTL Editorial   October, 2012

The recent death of a bullied British Columbia teenager should alert all of us to do what we can to stop all bullying.  In the wake of this girl’s tragic death there is no shortage of statements from those in authority.  Some of those statements contain wisdom, but one thing that may need emphasis is the fact that bullying needs to be addressed by all those who have responsibility for the upbringing of children.

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