Who Should Speak for the Students in B.C.’s School Dispute?


[an editorial published in the E-Mail Bulletin (for August, 23014) of British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life]

Disappointingly, the students in British Columbia’s public (government) schools are beginning September without being able to start their year’s education on time and without any guarantee of when schools will be back in session.  These students are the victims of the labour dispute which the provincial government and the BC Teachers’ Federation are engaged in.

Who is speaking out on behalf of the students?

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Parents’ Alert: Grand Theft Auto Enables Violent Role-Playing

British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life has dealt mainly with what is happening in education.  But parents should be very aware of the potential harmful influence of some of what is being sold as entertainment.    An example of such entertainment–which most people of common sense and sound morality would see as horrific is the video game “Grand Theft Auto.”   Continue reading

Newsletter Provides Insights into BCTF Views of Homosexuality and Abortion


Any British Columbia teacher curious about how the B.C. Teachers’ Federation is using his or her money, or any parent curious about the BCTF take on the promotion of homosexuality or abortion should have a look at the latest issue of the  ”Social Justice” Newsletter published by the organization to which teachers in government schools must belong. Continue reading

Parental Choices in Schooling in British Columbia

[This essay, designed to be suitable for distribution in churches, has been previously distributed through the British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life E-Mail Bulletin.]

Parents Face Difficult Choices in Deciding on Their Children’s Schooling

     Parents are the prime educators of their children.  Education begins in the home; and, though parents may delegate part of the task of educating their children, they cannot abdicate their responsibility for it. Continue reading

Pope’s Resignation of Major Significance Beyond His Church

BCPTL Editorial, posted Feb. 12, 2013

The resignation of Pope Benedict took almost everyone by surprise, and has already started to arouse speculation about who his successor will be.   A voice from the papal seat is bound to be heard around the world, and is of major significance beyond the Church based in Rome. Continue reading

Objectors to TWU Law School Who Threaten All Christian Higher Education

Trinity Western University in British Columbia already offers preparation for teaching, nursing, and business careers.  But a recent proposal by TWU to set up a law school has brought out  virulent opposition by academics in secular universities across Canada.  And  comments made by some of these academics betray a deep-rooted opposition to any higher education being offered by faith-based institutions. Continue reading

Youth Entertainers Promote “Pot” to the Young


“Earlier this week, teen pop star Justin Bieber became the the latest star captured in compromising images, purportedly smoking pot.

“But the Stratford, Ont., singer isn’t alone in the spotlight: today, an increasing number of young celebrities — especially fellow performers like Rihanna and Lady Gaga to Lana del Ray — are openly flaunting their association with marijuana.” Continue reading

Another Teen Death Demands We Work to Stop All Bullying

A BCPTL Editorial   October, 2012

The recent death of a bullied British Columbia teenager should alert all of us to do what we can to stop all bullying.  In the wake of this girl’s tragic death there is no shortage of statements from those in authority.  Some of those statements contain wisdom, but one thing that may need emphasis is the fact that bullying needs to be addressed by all those who have responsibility for the upbringing of children.

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