Ted Hewlett (1936-2015): A personal tribute

My father, Ted Hewlett, past president and one of the founding members of BC Parents and Teachers for Life, passed away last Thursday after a seven-month-long battle with cancer. A man of principle and faith, Dad cared deeply for his family, his profession, and the health of the society in which he lived, and was concerned by what he saw as our society’s abandonment of the Judaeo-Christian values on which it had been founded and by what he felt was the deterioration and, at times, the deliberate undermining of our freedom of belief, of conscience, and of speech. This led him to apply his gift for writing and his love of debate to the defense of a view of the world that saw life as a gift from God and that saw the education of the children who were themselves that gift of life as a right and a responsibility given by God, along with the gift of children, to the children’s parents.

My father was always a bit of an “early adopter” when it came to technology, long before the term “early adopter” even existed. From reel-to-reel tape recorders to slide projectors, from Super 8 movie cameras to VHS video-cameras, from electric typewriters to personal computers, Dad was never an expert but was always excited by the possibilities that new technologies opened up for us. So, when I introduced Dad to the wonderful world of self-publishing on the internet, it seemed a natural fit, and an appropriate way to thank him for introducing me to technology and computers. This website, bcptl.org, was established sometime around the year 2000 – a time-frame memorable to me because I used Microsoft’s then-new FrontPage 2000 web-publishing software to set it up. Dad stuck with FrontPage 2000 for years after Microsoft abandoned the program, until I finally convinced him in 2011 to upgrade to a WordPress-based website.

Dad’s dedication to the mission of the organization he helped set up can be seen in the simple statistic that, since the WordPress version of this site was set up, he averaged about five posts per week (one per work-day!). Obviously, given the controversial nature of the subject matter he posted or re-posted, not everyone on the internet agreed with everything he posted – and Dad was fine with that. He was always interested in discussion, and, while often disappointed in the level of discussion that the internet seemed to engender, he never lost faith in the internet’s potential as a medium for intellectual exchange and positive influence. It was not uncommon for him to eagerly relate to me exchanges he had had in bcptl.org’s comments section whenever a particularly heated or thought-provoking discussion ensued on the site.

Not that Dad and I were always in agreement ourselves (though we disagreed more on means than on ends), but, again, Dad was OK with disagreement as long as it was in the pursuit of the Truth. He would often remark that if two people were in complete agreement about everything, one of the two wasn’t thinking. He was an interlocuter from a nobler age, when one used rhetoric to persuade others of the Truth to the best of one’s ability – and assumed that one’s opponent was doing the same.

If you, gentle reader, as you peruse my father’s posts on this site and on others, believe the best of him and assume that he was pursuing what he believed was best for you, you will not be far wrong – nor will you be far from what he would have been doing for you.

Memory eternal.

Fr. Justin (Edward) Hewlett.

Note: A memorial service will be held for my father on Saturday, August 1st at 10:30pm at Cloverdale Baptist Church. All are welcome.

Nova Scotia law society ordered to pay $70K to Trinity Western University

HALIFAX – The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society has been ordered to pay $70,000 in legal fees to a Christian university that prohibits sexual intimacy outside heterosexual marriage.

A Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling in January stopped the society from denying accreditation to graduates of Trinity Western University, saying it doesn’t have the power to require law schools to change its religiously based code of conduct. Continue reading

Lesbian: I use math class to teach young kids about homosexuality so I can ‘hide’ it from parents

by Pete Baklinski

TORONTO, April 24, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) — A lesbian teacher ‘married’ to another woman revealed at a pro-gay teachers’ conference earlier this month how she teaches grade 4-5 students to accept homosexuality through what she called “social justice” math. Continue reading

Alaska Bill Restricts Sexual Health Education in Schools

by Nina Liss-Schultz, Reporting Fellow, RH Reality Check

April 13, 2015

Alaska lawmakers are moving forward with a bill that would bar Planned Parenthood outreach programs from teaching sex education in public schools and allow parents to opt their children out of sex education classes and standardized testing.

Proponents of the bill, SB 89, say the legislation is about protecting parents’ freedom to “direct the education of a child,” according to the bill’s text.

“Parents have rights, parents have always had rights, those rights have never been extinguished, it’s the basis of what our country is built upon,” state Sen. Mike Dunleavy (R-Mat-Su Valley), who introduced the bill, told KTUU. . . . .

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‘Day of Pink’ [April 8th] teaches school kids to accept homosexuality, critic warns

April 7, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) — Children across Canada are being asked to wear a pink shirt to school tomorrow on the “Day of Pink” to “celebrate diversity” and end “bullying, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and transmisogyny.” While lauding efforts to end bullying in school, one critic is warning parents that the event is not actually about bullying.

“The Day of Pink is simply an excuse to promote homosexuality,” Gwen Landolt, national vice-president of Real Women of Canada, told LifeSiteNews. Continue reading

Huckabee: ‘Militant gay community’ to blame for backlash against Indiana law

Former Arkansas governor and potential presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says there was more pressure ‘to put sanctions on Indiana than Iran’

mike huckabee
 Mike Huckabee speaks in Maryland. Photograph: Susan Walsh/AP

 in New York



Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas who is considering a second run for president in 2016, has blamed “the militant gay community” for the pressure brought to bear this week on Indiana and Arkansas, after those states passedreligious freedom laws that critics say encourage discrimination against LGBT people.

“There’s been more pressure this week to put sanctions on Indiana than Iran,” Huckabee said, referring to the announcement by the Obama administration of a controversial deal regarding the Islamic Republic’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Under Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, as passed last week, the state could not create legislation that infringed on a person’s religious beliefs – with a definition of “person” that included businesses, associations and other organisations. As the LGBT community was not deemed to be a protected class, the bill was interpreted by its opponents as a way for persons, businesses and organisations to legally discriminate.

Protests from big business – including Walmart and Apple, the latter through an emotive Washington Post op-ed piece written by CEO Tim Cook, who is gay – and pressure from politicians and activists across the US led to a firestorm of controversy. In one high-profile instance, the owners of a Walkerton, Indiana pizza parlour who said they would not cater gay weddings reportedly went into hiding, while supporters raised more than $500,000 on their behalf.

On Thursday, Governor Mike Pence signed off on amendments to the law that outlawed discrimination against LGBT people; Indiana’s measure had made it the 20th state with similar legislation. Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson also signeda revised version of his state’s law.

Appearing on CNN on Saturday, Huckabee told host Michael Smerconish: “The reason that those corporations put the pressure on Indiana andArkansas was because the militant gay community put the pressure on them.

“I found it a little hypocritical when you have companies – even, and I love Walmart, big company in my home state – but they do business in China, for gosh sake. I mean, I don’t think the Chinese are exactly the paragon of human rights.

“You’ve got Apple Computer – they’re selling Apple computers in Saudi Arabia. Is Tim Cook going to pull out of there? I don’t think so. He doesn’t mind making millions, if not billions of dollars, in cultures and countries where human rights are really an issue.

“And I think these corporations really ought to either be consistent – quit making money from these countries that are really oppressing human rights, and quit bowing to the pressure – and just sell their stuff. That’s what they’re in business for.”

Huckabee, who showed strongly in the early Republican primaries in 2008, has a strong following among evangelical voters. Earlier this week, appearing on a talk radio show produced by the rightwing Christian Family Research Council (FRC), he said: “The left has gotten very good at creating a crisis, something to divide the country. . . . .

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The fake news story that forced an Indiana pizzeria to shut down and its Christian owners into hiding

Note: To sign a petition supporting religious freedom in Indiana, clickhere

WALKERTON, IN, April 2, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) — A small-town Indiana pizzeria owned by a Christian family has closed its doors after being terrorized by pro-homosexual bullies opposed to the family’s religious values. Continue reading

Canadian medical schools readying doctors to talk to patients about assisted suicide


Assisted suicide
As the nation moves toward legalized physician-assisted death, Canada’s 17 faculties of medicine have begun to consider how they will introduce assisted dying into the curriculum for the next generations of doctors.Alain Jocard / AFP/Getty Images Continue reading

Religious Freedom, the New un-American Activity?


By: Eric Metaxas|Published: April 1, 2015 8:00 AM on Breakpoint

So, you want religious exemptions from supporting same-sex marriage and abortion? Well, two foundations are spending millions to put an end to your un-American activity.


Eric Metaxas

In a recent speech, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia said that “compared to almost anywhere else in the world, our religious freedom situation is good.” However, he said, “the situation is “changing,” and, what’s more, the pace of that change will “quicken.” Continue reading