British judge suspended and ‘re-educated’ for thinking children do best with a mom and dad

BySteve Weatherbe, LifeSite News, Jan. 20, 2915

Richard Page, a 68-year-old British Justice of the Peace and evangelical Christian, has been condemned by the country’s highest legal authorities, suspended, and subjected to a day-long re-education session to rid him of the dangerous belief that a child would be better off being adopted by a family with a mother and a father than by a same-sex couple.


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CCRF to UVIC: Respect Religious Freedom on Campus



Jan. 16, 2015

VICTORIA – The Canadian Council for Religious Freedom (CCRF) today called on the University of Victoria to reverse their ban on religious freedom on campus.

CCRF Chair Father Geoffrey Korz wrote to UVic president Jamie Cassels, calling on the school to protect the religious freedom of faith-based Youth Protecting Youth, a pro-life student club.

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[U.S.] Supreme Court to Consider Future of Marriage

by Kim Trobee, CitizenLink, January 16, 2015

The Supreme Court announced today it will hear cases dealing with state marriage amendments.

Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee will get their day in court in April, with a decision to be handed down early next summer. At issue is the right of a state to define marriage in its constitution and decide whether to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Continue reading

Middle school tries to sneak in “gay” assembly — but MassResistance intervenes!


Middle school tries to sneak in “gay” assembly — but MassResistance intervenes!

Pressures school – which finally notifies parents

POSTED: January 16, 2015

A middle school in suburban Boston clandestinely scheduled an assembly to introduce and recruit students to the school’s new “gay-straight alliance” club — without parental notification. But after MassResistance intervened, the school relented and notified parents about the time and nature of the assembly.

Lynnfield Middle School, Lynnfield, Massachusetts.

The school later told a parent that they were using the new “anti-bullying” laws as a reason for bringing the programming to the school. Continue reading

Atlanta Boots Fire Chief Over Christian Views

by CitizenLink Team, CitizenLink, January 15, 2015

The mayor of Atlanta fired Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. At issue, a little paperback book that Cochran self-published that offers his insights on living a Christian life.

Two pages of 162-page book go into some detail concerning all forms of immorality. It strongly encourages the Christian reader to avoid them.

This two pages ignited a firestorm of controversy. And even though an investigation revealed that Cochran had treated his many and diverse employees with respect — he was still kicked out.

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard explains why that means it’s time for you to make a decision.

Lesbian premier orders Ontario’s sex-ed update to teach kids about giving sexual ‘consent’ from ‘the very earliest stages’

By Pete Baklinski in LifeSite News, Jan. 12, 2015

    Ontario’s lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has specifically requested that the proposed sex-education curriculum slated for all schools next fall include a component teaching kids about giving sexual “consent” from “the very earliest stages.” Continue reading

    CBC interviewer avoids tough questions on Senate’s euthanasia bill

    LifeSiteNews   Wed Jan 7, 2015

    by Sean Murphy

    A bill has been introduced in the Canadian Senate by Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth to legalize physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.  Bill S-225’s definition of “assist” is of particular interest.  It means “to provide the person with the knowledge or means to commit suicide, or to perform an act with the intent to cause the person’s death.”  Consistent with this, an “assisting physician” is one “who provides assistance” to a patient seeking euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide.

    This indicates that indirectly facilitating suicide even by providing information for that purpose is equivalent to more direct forms of assistance, like providing a lethal prescription.  Further, it implies that both providing information to facilitate suicide and actually killing someone are of comparable legal or moral significance.  Many physicians and health care workers who object to assisted suicide and euthanasia would agree, and, for that reason, would refuse to refer or otherwise help a patient find someone willing to kill him or assist him in committing suicide. Continue reading

    [Florida] Parents Fight Back Against Teachers Union Suing Nation’s Largest School Choice Program

    [From The Daily Signal]

    Brittany Corona / @BrittanyLCorona / /

    Photo: Getty Images

    Teachers’ unions in Florida continue to threaten the educational opportunity of thousands of the state’s most vulnerable children.

    But there is some good news: Last week, Leon County Circuit Court Judge George S. Reynolds III granted parents of these children the right to intervene on behalf of their children’s scholarships, which are awarded through the corporate tuition tax credit scholarship program. Continue reading

    Same-sex marriage harms free speech, new Ontario judge wrote in 2012

    SEAN FINE - JUSTICE WRITER, The Globe and Mail

    Published Last updated 

    A law professor named an Ontario judge this week wrote two years ago for a conservative, U.S.-based institute that the legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada has harmed religious freedom and free speech, and led to the “indoctrination” of children in public schools. Continue reading

    South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade committee votes to allow “gay” groups to march


    [From the MassResistance website, Dec. 19, 2014]

    South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade committee votes to allow “gay” groups to march. Deceitful and dishonest tactics used to manipulate vote, says committee member.

    Committee resignations and parade cancellations already beginning.

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